PCLCodes Program Upgrade Options

Need more functionality? Easily upgrade to one of our other PCL conversion solutions!

PCLWorks Program

Convert PCL to raster TIF, PNG, BMP, PCX and DCX formats.

Convert PCL into vector EMF, WMF and PMF formats. It can also convert PCL into various vector/text/raster PDF and XPS files.

PCLWorks includes our complete suite of PCL application developer tools:

  • Img2PCL: Convert TIFF/JPEG to PCL Overlays and Macros
  • Img2PDF: Convert TIFF/JPEG to PDF Format
  • Img2XPS: Convert TIFF/JPEG to XPS Format
  • PCLSplit: Split PCL Files & Count Individual Pages
  • PCLCodes: Disassemble PCL for Debugging and Learning PCL

The retail price of a single user license for PCLWorks is $89. Please let us know if you need volume pricing, customization or a private label version.

PCLTool SDK Development Options

The major benefit of upgrading to PCLTool SDK is writing your custom code, using our API's, or invoking PCLXForm with its own custom script programming language for rapid application development.

The majority of PageTech's business is derived from OEM Partnerships and corporate licensing of PCLTool SDK. Depending on the application requirements and SDK configuration selection, PCLTool SDK options start at $425.

PCL to PDF Products

PCL Transformation products for Developers, Systems Integrators and MIS departments.


PCLTool SDK converts complex PCL into PDF, PDF/A, XPS, TIFF, BMP, PNG, WMF, and EMF.

PCLWorks Program

PCLWorks provides a Subset of Essential PCLTool SDK GUI-Only Programs that can view, convert, debug, and analyze PCL Printstreams.

PCL to PDF Products

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