PCLCodes Analysis & Debugging

Easily convert PCL print files into a readable text file for analysis and debugging problematic PCL.

PCLCodes Program (PCLCodes.exe)

PCLCODES.exe is primarily used by PCL applications developers to convert HP PCL3/4/5/5e/5c and PCL6/XL files into human readable text for PCL analysis, debugging and learning by example.

PCLCodes is bundled with PCLWorks, Img2PCL, PCLFilter, PCLSplit and TNXDump - PCLCodes becomes an indispensable tool for any HP PCL development project.

PCLCodes can also be used to:

  • Migrate bitmap or scalable fonts by extracting them from a print stream.
  • Edit legacy PCL print streams for use on new printers.
  • Learn PCL by disassembling it from any source to see the commands used.
  • Viewing raster objects and raster font characters in a PCL print stream.

Ways to Purchase PCLCodes Program

PCLCodes is included in PCLWorks program and all PageTech PCLTool SDK Configuration Options.

  • Included in PCLWorks Unlimited (32-bit) $61 Learn More
  • Included in PCLWorks Unlimited (64-bit) $71 Learn More
  • Included in all PCLTool SDK Configurations $425 - $995 Learn More

For Applications that require searchable text or text extraction:

If your application requirements require you to be able to extract searchable text from the PCL generated by the end user, and, for any reason the PCL generated by their current Windows printer driver does not generate searchable text, then, we recommend downloading and installing our PCLCapture, PCLMagic (PCL5e/5c) printer driver, Port Monitor and HotDir programs included with our PCLTool SDK Live Evaluation. PCL generated using our PCLMagic printer driver will be text searchable.

If having your end user install our PCLMagic text printer driver is not possible, please call or send us an email with the full scope of your application, workflow, transformation, text extraction and other requirements so that we can make a product recommendation. Or please download our PCLTool SDK Live Evaluation and take a look at our PCLExtract program.

PCLCodes Product Support

We are continually maintaining and enhancing our products and welcome any suggestions on how to improve them. We would also like to know if you find any bugs or anomalies.

We reserve the right not to respond to technical inquiries about PCLCodes unless we receive a well-documented request.

If you have general questions about PCL, please visit:

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Phone: (+1) 858 794-6884
E-mail: info@pagetech.com
Support Form: PCL Technical Support Form

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